A place to take your video content to the next level
Open your store
Open an online video store in seconds without programming skills and start selling right now
Embedded everywhere
Embed your video products, buy buttons and your entire store to your existing websites or blogs
Build your audience
Build your loyal customer network using marketing tools to capture leads and keep in touch like never before
Understand customers
Create better video content by understanding how customers interact and engage with your videos
Host it like the pros
Boost your sales with the unlimited video storage. Ivexe.com runs on Amazon AWS and provides the fastest hosting for any video products. The same infrastructure, used by NASA, J.P. Morgan Chase, NASDAQ, and many others. Our cloud infrastructure is ISO 27001, PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPAA compliant.
Call to action
Turn your videos into the new and efficient sale channels. Direct viewers to your online store, website, and blog, or to other your video products with calls to action. Increase sales by embedding buy-buttons or marketing features into your video content.
Facebook Shop
Expand your online business with millions of Facebook users and adds e-commerce capability to your Facebook page. Facebook visited by millions of users every day – a great opportunity to significantly increase the numbers of customers of your store. Add video products to your Facebook page, to get more customers and close more deals. No programming knowledge and even no need to embed the code. It will take only a few minutes of your time.
Get the 100% royalty
Boost your sales and video marketing with analytics and interactivity. Get the best in video distribution and efficient purchase experience
Payment processing
You do not have to worry about payments, or accounting. Link your PayPal account for an easier and faster cash-out. We take care of all financial matters
Customer management
Armed with smart tools to interact with your customers, track activity, data, and purchases. Easily communicate and respond to get the most loyal audience
Affiliate network
Build your personal affiliate programs to foster interest in your products. Create campaigns to involve buyers to share and sell your products on social media
HTML5 video player
The IVEXE player is optimized to provide the best viewer experience and selling your video products. With support for high-resolution videos, we provide customer engaging and delivering the best quality to any devices.
Embedded video
Embed videos on your existing website or blog. Customize a player, dimensions, and a thumbnail to your design. Set up the call to action features, links, related products, and a branding of your video content.
Trust & Security
Security is essential to everything we do.
Cloud infrastructure
Our infrastructure is ISO 27001, PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPAA compliant. We do not store any critical data and use the PCI DSS Level providers to process payments
SSL encryption
Keeping your financial information secure is absolutely essential to us. We use bankgrade 256-bit SSL encryption protocol with a secure key management system
Data transfer protocol
All client communication utilizes cryptographically hashed headers and timestamps. It's the same protocol used by Citi, Chase, and other institutions
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